The Importance of Link Building

Intro to Backlinking

Obtaining a backlink is when somebody posts an incoming link to your site from their own. Search engines are geared towards sorting search results according to real life recommendations and interpret a backlink as such. Quality backlinks can go further than quantity, but having a thick link profile of quality backlinks would set you up for higher rankings which equals success.

Quality Backlinks

I briefly broke down the different types of quality links you should be aiming to acquire below:

  • .COM’S – Any local online news publications, local businesses (preferably in this industry), relevant blogs and resource pages.
  • .ORG’S – Trusted organizations and non-profits. People tend to assume that a .org is similar to .gov but anybody can register one and they are not always quality links you want in your profile.
  • .GOV’S – Obviously any site with a .gov gTLD is trusted and authoritative. This means it is a quality link and in my opinion the best type of backlink you can get. I would guesstimate that a .gov backlink could improve your DA (domain authority) just as much as 20+ casual .com/.org resource backlinks.
  • .EDU’S – Local college sites and universities. These can have high link equity but can be harder to obtain as you need to get in touch with the school webmaster or IT administrator.
  • K12 RESOURCE LINKS – Local public schools without .edu gTLD’s that usually have resource pages. They don’t need to be local but may be easier to obtain by contacting schools in your area.

So why is it important?

Link building is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. I along with every other SEO expert know that link building is what mainly drives rankings. To put it simple, if a bunch of people with trusted sites link to yours then it builds trust, popularity and most importantly your Domain Authority (a 100 point scale developed by Moz).

From my experience of working on SEO in the addiction space I know first hand how hard it can be to get quality links to your site. We have built many strategies with proven track records and high response rates. Unfortunately, I am not here to share that with you. However, I can suggest that one way to get started is to begin creating content that is actually worth linking to.

If you are trying to rank locally then get your company involved in the community, especially if you are a startup. One of my current clients that I have only been working with for just over a month recently opened a treatment center up north. He has joined the chamber of commerce, reached out to people all over the area through offline marketing and even hosted an awesome grand opening/open house inviting everyone to stop by. This has gotten him mentioned in local news publications, blogs, social media posts and most importantly he has gained local links (which in my opinion can sometimes be really hard to acquire). This has set his link profile off to a great start already.

If you want to rank in this industry then start building your domain authority through link building. The addiction rehab space is one of the most competitive industries to rank for online. Stop trying to trick robots or look for shortcuts because it just doesn’t work. Not anymore at least…

Content Development

Providing blog articles with content that actually helps readers find what their searching for as well as pages with truly helpful resources can help influence other website owners to link to you.

On-Site SEO

Don’t forget to take care of your on-site SEO. Although link building is extremely important, your on-site SEO accounts for around 40% of search engine algorithms. You need to stay on top of this if you really want to beat out your competition. Also note that this can get pretty technical and you will need your IT/Web guy to take care of it. Request an audit from us and we can provide you with the information needed to get your on-site SEO up to par.


Having a solid link building strategy can really be the key to success for your site especially in the rehab industry. Most rehabs are just trying to generate leads, admit clients and sell their services. This makes it harder to obtain backlinks because many people prefer not to help promote rehab centers for free. Link building is the bread and butter and at Unique Visitors we have perfected our strategies across the board in this niche. It is all perfect, from link building and content development to our design and code structure.

If you have any questions or anything you think I should add then let me know in the comments. You can also send me an e-mail at any time.

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