How to Fix Service Area Business Problems in Google My Business

Google My Business has become the premier place to manage your business’ Google presence over the past few years, but it still has its own unique set of problems and quirks. One such problem involves how to fix service area business issues in Google My Business and what to do when your service area business verification fails. Luckily, some common causes and solutions can help you overcome these issues. For more information on this topic, read this guide on how to fix service area business problems in Google My Business below!

What Is a Service Area?

A service area is an outline of a geographical region that defines the territory or zone of an organization. Different businesses have different levels of geographic specificity, and some don’t even have a service area. For example, if your business only operates within one city or town, you might specify the name of that municipality as your service area. But if you operate across multiple towns or cities, it might be more appropriate to list those as separate service areas on your profile. On the other hand, if you provide services nationwide (or internationally), you may want to list every state or country where you offer them as separate service areas on your profile.

Add All Your Business Information

Google My Business is the heart of your online presence. A free and easy-to-use tool can manage your business information and respond to customer reviews. It’s also where people look for services near them, so your service area listings must be accurate. Here’s how to fix your service area problems:

  • Check Your Info – What states are you operating in? Reviewing this information will help you quickly see if all of the data is correct and that there aren’t any errors or mistakes on your behalf.
  • Understand Your Coverage Area – Review the locations you operate out of as a business. Do these areas match up with what customers search for?
  • Add your service area – If you do not have a service area on your business listing, it’s time to add one. Log into Google My Business and navigate to Your Places, under Business info. Once there, select edit, go to Location settings, and select Service area. After that, fill out everything, adding all relevant information, including a map with all your locations highlighted. When all these steps are complete, review your information for errors or mistakes. The last thing you want is for people searching for services around them to get a location that isn’t yours!

Verify Your Business Listing

It’s important for you to know how to fix any service area business problems that come up on your Google My Business listing. With these quick fixes, you can care for any issues, so you’re never left wondering what went wrong. You should first verify your business listing with the correct address and phone number for your establishment. If any typos or errors need correcting, such as with hours of operation or a misspelled name, then go ahead and make the necessary adjustments. You can also add information like an email address or website if it’s not already there.

Make Sure You Are Ranking in Maps

It’s essential that you rank at the top of search results for your service area so potential customers can find you. Make sure your business is listed as Open Now on weekdays and Available by Appointment on weekends. This will help ensure you show up first when people search for a local service provider.

Then, make sure that when people look at your page, they can see all the information they need to make an informed decision about booking a service appointment with you. It’s best if they can see a map of your service area and some pictures of the kinds of jobs you do.

Update Any Outdated Information

If you have an incorrect street address for your business, you can edit it by clicking on the Edit Address button. You will be given the option to update the address and change it.

If you are getting a message that the location does not exist, then you may need to take these steps:

  • Click on the Place icon in the left navigation bar
  • Click on Add Place
  • Select Place Point

You will be prompted with a map of your area. Drag and drop a pin where your business is located. Next, click Save. You will be returned to the main Places tab with your new place highlighted.

Claim, Set Hours, And Tag Your Location

Claim your business location with a Google account and add a service area or two. You can’t set hours for the business location if you don’t have it claimed. If you don’t have the address on your account, you’ll need to claim the location first. Claiming your business location is super simple. All you need is:

  • A Gmail email address
  • Access to a mobile device with GPS enabled (Android, iPhone, etc.)
  • Internet connection
  • Make sure you’re logged into a Google Account that matches your phone number and access to an Android, iPhone, or another device with GPS enabled.
  • Open up the Google Maps app on your phone and open up the search bar at the top of the screen.

Optimize Your Business Page

When you’re logged into your business page, you’ll see the area your business covers. If this is incorrect, click the Edit button and select Change service area. You’ll be given a drop-down menu with a list of options. Select which one best reflects where your customers are coming from, and then click save.

Final Thoughts on How to Fix Service Area Business Problems in Google My Business

Google Maps is an excellent tool for businesses looking for exposure and leads. If you have not taken the time to claim your business listing on Google, now is the time! The first thing you need to do is log into your account and go over the information that has been submitted. If there are any errors, make sure they are corrected before proceeding. Next, ensure that your service area information is correct by editing it or adding a new one. Finally, submit an address where customers can find more information about your business. This will help you reach more customers and improve customer retention rates.